Online Orders

To complete the company’s e-business philosophy – besides the Endorsia portal – there is a customer online service that has been on the company web site for some years (, by means of which customers can see what is in stock, place orders instantly, manage quotations and track orders. Transparency couldn’t be more transparent! Which has always been CCRE Spa’s policy.

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Chemical Division

The August 1, 2015 was merged Fati Srl and Uteco FTI Ltd. in CCRE SPA . Fati Srl of Piacenza was the first company to be bought out by CCRE GROUP, in 2001. Ever since the Sixties, FATI has always been a benchmark firm as regards industrial supplies in the province of Piacenza, especially in the pneumatics (one of the first SMC brand dealers), tool and industrial drive system sectors.

Today, FATI has expanded its business activities to become exclusive agent in a number of provinces for the prestigious Chesterton brand, a leading company in the field of lubrication, degreasing and fluids for metalworking, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion treatments.

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Vertical Warehouses

Its continuous investments in technology and automation of the supply process, storing and delivering goods to customers have all helped CCRE Spa reach levels of absolute leadership in the sector. The four vertical automatic warehouses that have been in use for several years at the Reggio Emilia facility, are a good 12 metres high. Each machine has 85 trays. This considerable storage volume, equivalent to 1,000 square metres, has made it possible for CCRE to increase its range of products considerably as well as warehouse storage capacity. The automatic warehouses work in synchronism with the management system which means the customer order preparation procedures are even quicker plus the fact these warehouses are highly efficient for the “over-the-counter” service meaning shorter waiting times at CCRE.

Refresher Courses

The company’s strength lies in its highly specialized and skilled personnel that are constantly kept updated on the latest developments in their sector. It is not by chance, in fact, that CCRE has always invested in human resources, training people who can then meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, considering training as the carnation in the buttonhole of a leader company who, in this way, can successfully challenge the third millennium market.

Working According To Customer Drawings and Linear Guide Cutting

In the 70s CCRE Spa began working together with INA insofar as concerns the distribution of roller bearings and with the whole range of catalogue products but in recent years this Partnership has become even more solid with the birth of the Specialized Linear Centre. This has put CCRE Spa in a position today to offer high technical level application support together with an efficient delivery service. It also relies on its own mechanical workshop that besides cutting guides and hardened bars also performs a multitude of other types of workings (gears, etc.).


In 1996 the Casa del Cuscinetto obtained the ISO 9002 quality certification, confirming its role as a partner of utmost reliability for industries. CCRE Spa successfully passed on to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard in 2002.