Il Gruppo


CCRE Spa was set up with the name of Casa del Cuscinetto di Reggio Emilia


CCRE Spa obtains quality certification


CCRE Spa acquires FATI Srl of Piacenza


CCRE Spa inaugurates its subsidiary in Ferrara


CCRE Spa acquires UTECO F.T.I. Srl of Codogno (LO)


CCRE Spa inaugurates its linear motion center in Reggio Emilia


Fati Srl is incorporated by the parent company, becoming the Piacenza subsidiary of CCRE, but the FATI Srl division continues its business.


CCRE Spa inaugurates its subsidiary in Crema


Fati Srl and Uteco F.T.I. Srl merge in a single company: CCRE Spa.


CCRE Spa joins the Descours & Cabaud group


CCRE Spa inaugurates its subsidiary in Bologna


CCRE Spa moves its subsidiary from Crema to Castellone

CCRE was established in 1954 with the name Casa del Cuscinetto, Erio Iori and Mirco Bottazzi began business in premises extending over little more than 30 square metres.

In the early-80s, their children joined the firm and this coincided with new market growth and the development of sales strategies. This continuous evolution prompted CCRE to become a joint-stock company and take over a number of smaller firms.

The quality certification obtained in 1996 ensures high standards of reliability for all CCRE customers.

In 2001 CCRE Spa took over FATI Srl of Piacenza, a company operating for over 40 years as a supplier of industrial articles with a large product catalogue and specialized in pneumatic devices, tools and fluids for the metal-working industry.

On 1 June 2005 a subsidiary of CCRE Spa opened in Ferrara.
This made speedy service available in the provinces of Ferrara, Rovigo and Ravenna.

Finally, on 1 January 2007, the company UTECO F.T.I. Srl of Codogno (LO) was purchased through FATI Srl. This company had been operating for over 25 years in the Lodi area and in the province of Pavia.

In October 2011 CCRE Spa opened the Linear Centre just 200 metres from its Reggio Emilia headquarters.
The vicinity to the via Galimberti facility will in fact permit wasting less time due to the transfer of material from one facility to another and optimizing the organization of machined products, using skilled personnel.
In these new premises, which allow for more extensive product storage and make it easier to load and unload goods, the company intends increasing its catalogue range of INA-brand products thanks to the new stocking warehouses.
Today, the CCRE Group is able to provide a fast-increasing amount of applied technical support along with an efficient delivery service, thanks to new machinery for cutting and working guides and hardened bars. It is also able to cut chains and manage many other types of machining operations on request.

In January 2012, Fati Srl was incorporated by the parent company and became CCRE Piacenza subsidiary. Still operative however is the FATI SRL division for the sale of the prestigious Chesterton brand, a name in the forefront as regards lubrication, degreasing, metal working fluids and anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion treatments..

Finally, the last to join the CCRE Group was the CREMA subsidiary, which opened in April 2013. This provides services to the provinces of Cremona, Bergamo, Brescia, Lodi and Milan.

The CCRE GROUP thus leads the field in the Emilia Romagna region and southern Lombardy, providing prompt deliveries throughout northern Italy.

From 01.08.2015, Fati Srl and Uteco FTI Ltd. merged into a single company: CCRE SPA.

The group of companies which has been formed provides CCRE Group customers with a choice of numerous products and brands and, last but not least, with a reliable and prompt service that can be personalized according to requirements.

With a constant eye on market evolution and thanks to its strategic position, the CCRE Group is always ready to acquire other leading industry brands in order to cater to the needs of its customers in an increasingly better way.

La Mission di CCRE GROUP


Intended as a search towards constant improvement, being totally available to listen to the needs of customers with courteous, expert and attentive personnel.


Intending the quality of all the products we are the dealers or distributors of and the quality in providing our services (the company has been ISO 9000 certified since 1996).


And not just intended in relations with customers but with suppliers and collaborators too.