Chemical Division

The advantage of having a partner always by your side to face the daily challenges of the 4.0 industry.

CCRE Chemical Division, thanks to a close partnership with leading chemical companies in the field of Lubrication, Detergency, Short and Long Term Anti-corrosion Protection, Emulsifiable fluids and Neat Oils, is committed to acquiring recognition at national level as a benchmark company in the field of distribution and after-sales service in the industry.

Our qualified staff, to face the problems and prevent them in a perspective of ongoing technical improvement, provides customers with a service dedicated to their needs through:

  • Analysis of products used in the production process,

  • Identification of possible areas for improvement,

  • Design of solution and objectives to be achieved together,

  • Cost-benefit analysis and relevant technical proposal,

  • System testing,

  • Global chemicals management,

  • Optimisation of production processes through dedicated chemical solutions to reduce plant downtimes,

  • Personalised staff training to meet individual installation needs.

Phone number: 0522-701211
Fax: number 0522-701250